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Things to know about me more often than not.

No matter who you are, somewhere along the line in your life you have been told that first impressions matter. How you look, how you carry yourself, how you speak, and how you dress are scrutinized immediately for a variety of reasons. The new reality is that first impressions could actually be life-saving.

What you are wearing does effect and affect how you are regarded by people meeting you for the first time or just watching you from a distance. As we are told by experts in human psychology. the first impression may be altered but will rarely be forgotten or dismissed. 

It is to combat this common occurrence that we present the I WISH YOU WOULD line of wearables and carryables. If you carry, you want to know about this line of shirts, hoodies, and beverage containers. If this shirt, or any of our designs, saves one life or helps avoid one episode of strife, we will be happy to have done something incredibly positive for our society.